Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Whipple Wednesday

Little known facts...

Where did the name Whipple originate from?  While most of the coal camp towns have a known explanation to why their town was named, Whipple has been one of controversy in the actual naming of the unincorporated town in Fayette county WV. Who named it? Why was it named Whipple?
  The name  itself has proved to be somewhat of a history mystery to those that study words and surnames. Perhaps it's origin came from a lost site known as "Whiphill" still some research has uncovered an early name for the dogwood tree known as Whippletree. The term Whipp is also used and refers to one who carried out judicial punishments. 
One of the first American born Whipple's 1730, was one of the signatories of the 1776 American Declaration of Independence.  One of the few things we are certain of is the names origin is either Old English pre 7th century, or Anglo-Saxon.

In our small coal camp of Whipple, West Virginia we can be sure of one thing. Whipple was named for  Lucy Gertrude Dent.

 "Whipple" is a family name in the Collins Clan.  Justus Collins, known as a tough Coal Baron for many reasons, adored,admired and respected his wife Lucy.  Whipple was named in honor of her.

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