Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12,13,14,15, and 16th Archaeology Schedule
Task: Surveying the Whipple Property and producing a topographic map Description: This part of the archaeological research will consist of a topographic survey using state-of-the-art surveying devices. Each day will begin with a workshop on the fundamentals of topographic survey, and then hands-on-learning through participation in the survey. The final afternoon or evening will be spent creating the topographic map in computer software, and so volunteers will be learning the full process in topographic survey, from collection of field data to the production of maps.

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This is a great place to share about things going on in my world. I have had some wonderful experiences in my company store days and would like to share them. I also am having some fantastic experiences now with my new family and friends. I am getting a face lift and having lots of visitors.
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Couldn't say it any better*****

Couldn't say it any better*****

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