Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hey Hey, Whipple Here. Checking in to give you an update on how life is treatin me.

I am getting a good cleaning inside as well as out. My display cases are dusted almost dailey and I have been swept and mopped.. My outside decking was pressure washed just yesterday and Im getting a new finish on it. Woo-Weeee! I am going to shine like a new piece of scrip.

My people are talking about my siding alot lately. I guess I am looking a bit old and broken down. (sniff)

Something about when it rains I pour. So its time to get that face lift I guess. Let me show you how purty I used to be... Look at my nice white boards and my lovely black trim pieces.. I can remember back in my younger days I had some pretty good times.. hmmmmmmmmmm

The kids commin home from school would sit on my big front steps and eat ice cream. They sometimes would play games right outside my large windows and I could see them laughing and smiling. Some folks drove them fancy auto- mo- biles, and park them right in front of me. What sights they were to see. Yea, life was hard back then. But thay was good times. most times.

I can't wait to see me all white and black again. I am gonna look fan-tas-tic!

well, till next time.....just little ol (still leakin) Me! Whipple

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So glad your here!

This is a great place to share about things going on in my world. I have had some wonderful experiences in my company store days and would like to share them. I also am having some fantastic experiences now with my new family and friends. I am getting a face lift and having lots of visitors.
Check back often and share my happenings.


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Couldn't say it any better*****

Couldn't say it any better*****

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