Friday, July 16, 2010

Howdy, its me Whipple... It has been a great day. So many people are visiting. I am having a fun time. I overheard several people ask my owners how was I named??? What is some of the family lines from me to them? Well since my owner misplaced her camera and is still frantically looking for it(no photos) I though today would be a good day to tell you a little about my name...

I was originally named Whipple Colliery Company.( Colliery meaning all things Coal.) however with this little unincorporated town of whipple some people ask what came first... I was named for the family of my original Owner Justus and Lucy Collins. Fannie Whipple was Lucy's mother. and so we start... Fannie's line is related to Matthew Whipple who was granted the land in Ipswich Hamlet in 1638 now known as Hamilton, Ma. His son was Joseph Whipple who had a son Mathew Whipple who's son was William Whipple (approx 1800) had son Joseph Whipple married Almira Stevens, Richmond VT. They had a daughter Fannie Almira Whipple.(1820-1875). Fannie Married John Horry Dent ( long famous history) they had a daughter Lucy Whipple Dent who married Justus Collins who had a daughter Amy Whipple Collins (3/18/1897-7/26/1967) Amy and Richard had one daughter named Lucy 10/28/1926 never married, no children. thus our direct line to Matthew ends.
So there you have a bit of my background.. But WHY you might ask is the store named for these people......Well stay logged in for my next blog story.....For now, see ya in the funny papers

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So glad your here!

This is a great place to share about things going on in my world. I have had some wonderful experiences in my company store days and would like to share them. I also am having some fantastic experiences now with my new family and friends. I am getting a face lift and having lots of visitors.
Check back often and share my happenings.


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Couldn't say it any better*****

Couldn't say it any better*****

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