Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have been away and our tour has fallen a bit behind.. Time to catch up. As you wander around the end of the counters shown in blog 6 you will find yourself in the front of the store looking back toward the post office. This is a view from the cash register.The clutter of stuff you see is remnants from days gone by when the store was once an antique and junque store. I do believe you could rummage through and find all kinds of treasures. If you can look to the right on the shelves you can see alot of glassware. Not much value in most of it, but we have had fun dating and selling most of it. We have had a couple yard sales to raise money for the roof. Which the building really needs. The counters right in front are 2 identical shelves like the ones closest to the freight room.. This wall of shelves held bottled items on them in the 20's and 30's. Photos and oral history accounts refer to lots of whiskey,and bourbon bottles. The white counter you see toward the left is an original counter. We have several of them, all wood and tongue and grove wood work. This shelf is sitting slightly in front of what used to be the butcher shop. The room we are in is round. I will post a picture of the store as it may have looked in the 20's on day 8. Thanks for joining me .. If you want to know something specific please leave a comment.

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So glad your here!

This is a great place to share about things going on in my world. I have had some wonderful experiences in my company store days and would like to share them. I also am having some fantastic experiences now with my new family and friends. I am getting a face lift and having lots of visitors.
Check back often and share my happenings.


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Couldn't say it any better*****

Couldn't say it any better*****

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