Monday, December 07, 2009

The phone rings and its the Governor's office with a request. "This is Governor

Joe Manchin's office and he has expressed an interest in touring the Whipple Company Store and Museum. I realize you are closed for the season," says the Governors Advance, "but would anybody be there to take the Governor on a tour?"

I am trying to absorb the call that the Governor himself is interested enough in our project to visit and see what we are doing. "I will be happy to take him on a tour." My husband and I will come back to West Virginia from Florida and show him around.

Arrangements were made, travel was smooth going, and at 10:41 am on Dec 4th 2009 the Governor of West Virginia walked up the steps to enter the 120 year old, one of a kind, Whipple Company Store & Museum.

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So glad your here!

This is a great place to share about things going on in my world. I have had some wonderful experiences in my company store days and would like to share them. I also am having some fantastic experiences now with my new family and friends. I am getting a face lift and having lots of visitors.
Check back often and share my happenings.


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Couldn't say it any better*****

Couldn't say it any better*****

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