Monday, December 14, 2009

Hi, Its me WHIPPLE.It seems a little lonely around here of late. Everybody is getting ready for the holidays and I am standing all closed up for the winter. How could my people leave me? This just can't be.

I can remember a time when my coal furnance would heat all my rooms right to my very bones. The children of the coal camp would come in after school to get warm and check out the latest Christmas toy. I can tell you the wish lists of those boys and girls were filled with hopes of a little red wagon or a new bike, even a shiny sled. I can still remember the smell of the new babydolls, doll houses, ball and baseball gloves and of course that new bat sitting in the big window on my porch. The colorful fabrics of red and green would fly off the shelves. Mommies would be making a holiday church dress, or a new shirt for the little ones to wear on Christmas day. It was a busy time indeed. The aroma of cinnamon and apples, oranges and cloves, homebakes cakes, and pies.


The traditional candy cane makes me smile and even chuckle a bit as I remember watching the children, and daddy's too, licking away at the red and white stripes. I could here the faint sound of carolers in the distance, as the beautiful voices would get closer I could hear the Christmas Carols being sung by the coal camp children and the sound was beautiful and festive. They would gather on my steps and some come up on my big porch to get out of the wind and sing almost as if they were there to just entertain me.
These are great memories I have of Christmas time. Well, I feel all warm inside and not so lonely anymore.

I think I can even hear the soft sound of Christmas carols  faint in the distance....

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Couldn't say it any better*****

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